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Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill is the oldest barber shop in the world and the only one to hold a Royal Warrant to H.R.H The Duke of Edinburgh. Catering to the exact standards of London’s gentry, when vanity and good grooming were the essential mark of the gentleman, Truefitt offered its demanding clientele a new level of service unsurpassed anywhere in the world.

During Truefitt’s unique history the company has had the honour of serving the Monarchs of Great Britain throughout nine consecutive reigns. The Royal connection continues to this day by Truefitt’s barbers who visit either Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle to attend H.R.H.

Many other legendary figures of the world also enjoyed Truefitt’s touch including Charles Dickens, William Thackeray, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde and many more.

Truefitt & Hill also makes a wide range of Colognes, Aftershaves, Shaving  creams and accessories, Hair products as well as other bath products.

In India Truefitt & Hill is about providing a one-stop-shop for men by providing a unique grooming service, as well as retailing the men's products.

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